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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you need an account to place an order at E-Phoring, LLC. You can register for an account at the time of checkout, or you can also register before. It's depend on you.

We deliver to all and any postal address within Bangladesh and does not deliver products outside Bangladesh. You can make your purchases on E-Phoring, LLC from any where in the world, but you can get the delivery of the product only within Bangladesh. Courier companies do not deliver to P.O.Box address, so we request you provide full street address with pin code / zip code.

Get your product delivered at your home and then pay cash to our delivery person. No advance payment is required for COD. For short delivery time you can pay advanced by bKash or our online payment gateway.

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Delivery time may differ from one item to another. It can differ from standard delivery to beyond that. For each item we have mentioned time to ship along with the item image. These are only indicative and approximate values, and items can be shipped earlier or later on case to case basis depending on availability of item and other factors. 

There are some exceptional items that we import from outside Bangladesh. These items can take 10 or more days to reach you. However, you will receive your order within the time specified. We are proud to offer such shipping values to our customers, especially when paired with our fast delivery times.

In most cases, your order will be processed within 48-72 hours of your placing it. You can expect to receive your order, on average, within 3 -25 business days of placing the order. It is advisable to Email us with the item codes to get more accurate time to ship estimate.

The Returns Policy is published in a separate document, available at

If a shipment is lost in transit, we wait for 15 days and then reprocess/reship the order. If you have any question about our shipping policies, please visit our Help Desk section or you can Email Us

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