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Bakery & Frozen Foods

Brand: Ispahani Model: GR-BK-BSCIT-IPN002
Ispahani Cookie Man (Real Chocolate) 200gWeight : 200 gm..
Brand: Ispahani Model: GR-BK-BSCIT-IPN001
Ispahani Cookie Man (Real Coconut) 200gWeight : 200 gm..
Brand: Ispahani Model: GR-BK-BSCIT-IPN003
Ispahani Green Pea White 25gWeight : 200 gm..
Brand: Olympic Model: GR-BK-BSCIT-OLM001
Olympic Choco Feast Biscuits 75gWeight : 75 gm..
Brand: Olympic Model: GR-BK-BSCIT-OLM002
Olympic Chocolate Plus Biscuits 65gWeight : 65 gm..
Brand: Olympic Model: GR-BK-BSCIT-OLM009
Olympic Coconut Plus Biscuits 65gWeight : 65 gm..
Brand: Olympic Model: GR-BK-BSCIT-OLM003
Olympic Crack Jack Classic BiscuitsWeight : 70 gm..
Brand: Olympic Model: GR-BK-BSCIT-OLM004
Olympic Digestive High Fiber BiscuitsWeight : 125 gm..
Brand: Olympic Model: GR-BK-BSCIT-OLM005
Olympic Energy Plus Biscuits (Family Size)Weight : 240 gm..
Brand: Olympic Model: GR-BK-BSCIT-OLM006
Olympic Energy Plus BiscuitsWeight : 80 gm..
Brand: Olympic Model: GR-BK-BSCIT-OLM007
Olympic Hilux Biscuits 240gWeight : 240 gm..
Brand: Olympic Model: GR-BK-BSCIT-OLM008
Olympic Lexus Vegetable Crackers BiscuitsWeight : 240 gm..
Brand: Olympic Model: GR-BK-BSCIT-OLM010
Olympic Lite Bite Sugar Free BiscuitsWeight : 85 gm..
Brand: Olympic Model: GR-BK-BSCIT-OLM011
Olympic Milk Plus BiscuitsWeight : 65 gm..
Brand: Olympic Model: GR-BK-BSCIT-OLM012
Olympic Nutty Biscuits 80gWeight : 80 gm..
Brand: Olympic Model: GR-BK-BSCIT-OLM013
Olympic Tip Crispy Salted Biscuits is a salty biscuit which is manufactured, exported & supplied by us from Bangladesh.  It was released in the market in 2010 & has been winning the hearts of people ever since. This light snack can be eaten with cheese or any other condiments. The ingredients of Oly..
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