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Root Vegetables

Brand: B Enterprise Model: GR-FV-BTROT-S001
Beetroot (Chukandar) is a dark purple fruit having a distinctive purple flesh which is rich in iron and fiber. Bursting with color and sweetness, these are eaten raw, boiled or roasted. Pickled beets are an important part of the Indian cuisine...
Brand: B Enterprise Model: GR-FV-CARROT-R001
Bring home the Fresh Red Carrots and add it to your range of dishes. These carrots can be used in various dishes or can be eaten alone or else used in salads. Carrots are used in making of sweet dishes, mostly Gajar-Ka-Halwa. Most of the benefits of carrots can be attributed to their beta-carotene a..
Brand: B Enterprise Model: GR-FV-MULO-L001
Radish (Red) Mulo 500 gmQuality : PremiumType : Local Supply..
Brand: B Enterprise Model: GR-FV-POTATO-S002
Sweet Potato 500 gmQuality : Premium..
Brand: B Enterprise Model: GR-FV-MULO-L002
White Radish - Mula 500 gmQuality : PremiumType : Local Supply..
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