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Air Bra

Its designs till now cannot think of any innovative products that offers complete freedom from these straps or wires. It was really painful for women when they wear these kind of ordinary bras for a long time. First highlight of Aire bra is that it is free from straps or wires.

Brand: Sonari Model: BRA-SN0004
An under-wire, padded bra with molded cups, gives an accentuated shape and support. The satin and lace combination on the cups adds up to the style.Additional InfoBraTypeSalwarKameezBraStyleAirBra..
Brand: Sonari Model: BRA-SN0003
This is an under-wired bra which will keep you comfortable and fresh for the entire day. Additional InfoBraTypeNoBraStyleAirBraBraCoverageDemiCurve (Cross Belt Center)..
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