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Men’s Indian clothing is distinguished byits use of beautiful woven fabrics, intricate embroideries and regalsilhouettes. Like all Indian clothing, men’s wear too, has a long andculturally significant history. Many of the most popular men’s clothingitems, such as the sherwani and the kurta, have very interesting storiesbehind their conception and introduction into mainstream Indianfashion.  Over time, many wonderful innovations have been incorporatedinto men’s outfits. Today, Indian clothing for men is amongst the mostsort after around the world. Wearing traditional men’s ethnic wear is agreat way of embracing the cultural heritage of India and still keepingup with the latest fashion trends.

Model: MTS-RN0002
Product DetailsCoral orange printed waist length T-shirt with melange effect, has a round neck, short sleevesMaterial & Care60% cotton, 40% polyester Machine-wash..
Brand: Durex Model: CD-DRC-EX-SFE
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